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Franchise Registration in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law provides: “No person may sell in this state any franchise unless the franchise has been registered under this chapter or is exempted  .  .  .  .”  Wisconsin Statutes Section 553.21.

This registration consists of a simple notice filing.  Wisconsin Statutes Section 553.26.

The initial franchise registration filing fee is $400.  Each annual renewal filing fee is $400.  The Wisconsin franchise regulator’s web site is here.

Business Opportunity Exemption Registration in Wisconsin.  There is no state business opportunity exemption registration required for franchises in Wisconsin.


Franchise Disclosure in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law requires pre-sale disclosures to prospective franchisees similar to the requirements under the FTC Franchise Rule.  Wisconsin Statutes Section 553.27(4).

Franchise Relationship Law in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law applies to most franchises.  Wisconsin Statutes Section 135.02(3)(a).

The law includes restrictions and requirements regarding waiver, termination, non-renewal, and inventory repurchase.  Wisconsin Statutes Sections 135.025 and 135.03.

Please see important information about US federal and state franchise laws here.



We work with start-up and existing franchisors throughout the United States (and internationally).  We would be delighted to discuss Wisconsin franchise law with you.  Please contact us for a free initial consultation about your particular situation.


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