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Most small businesses need legal help from time to time – often more than the business principals realize.  We assist small businesses with the general legal services they need so that the principals can focus on growing the business.


Our services assist in:

  • Insulating small businesses from unnecessary liability;

  • Protecting small businesses from unfair provisions in proposed contracts;

  • Developing procedures and form agreements to streamline business flow;

  • Preserving the liability protection of properly formed and managed corporations and limited liability companies;

  • Preserving and protecting the business’s legal rights;

  • Managing legal claims by or against the business;

  • Proving general legal advice regarding the overall operation of the business; and

  • Providing checks and balances on specialized legal counsel retained by the client, and coordination of services.


In sum, we give small business owners peace of mind about the legal affairs of the business – all in a timely manner at reasonable rates.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

                                          -- Napoleon Hill

We provide a broad range of legal services, including:


Negotiating, reviewing and drafting various contracts, including:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreements

  • Letters of Intent / Memoranda of Understanding

  • Asset Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Stock Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Assignment and Assumption Agreements

  • Commercial Leases

  • Service Agreements

  • Supply Agreements

  • License Agreements

  • Employment Agreements

  • Independent Contractor Agreements / Consulting Agreements

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Bills of Sale


Developing corporate policies, procedures and forms;


Observing corporate formalities, including:

  • Updating corporate legal documents such as articles, bylaws, and operating agreements;

  • Making annual corporate filings

  • Preparing for and participating in annual and special meetings of directors, managers, shareholders and members

  • Preparing resolutions and written consents in lieu of meetings

  • Maintaining corporate minute books

Preserving and protecting the client’s rights, including:

  • Registering trademarks and service marks

  • Registering copyrights

  • Preparing works-made-for-hire agreements

  • Preparing license agreements

  • Preparing demand letters and cease-and-desist letters;


Managing claims by or against the client, including:

  • Negotiating with opposing parties

  • Managing outside counsel in litigation, arbitration and mediation


Providing general legal advice and strategy, including:

  • Problem-solving

  • General risk assessment and avoidance


Referring the client to specialized outside legal service providers, if needed; and


Managing outside legal service providers retained by the client.


If your particular needs are not listed here, please contact us to find out whether we offer the legal services you need.


We offer a variety of fee arrangements to best serve the client’s needs, including:

  • Fixed fees suitable for particular projects;

  • Hourly fees;

  • Monthly retainers covering a certain number of guaranteed hours; and

  • Combination fee agreements.

Please email or call for a quote today.


Vinson Franchise Law Firm

Vinson Law Firm PC

937 Tahoe Boulevard, Suite 130-8

Incline Village, Nevada 89451 USA

(at Lake Tahoe)

We are glad to discuss your particular situation with you by phone or Zoom meeting  Please email us to set up a specific day and time to chat. 


PHONE    775-832-5577

FAX    866-270-7145

This web site provides general information only. Laws differ from state to state, and they change over time. Nothing included in this web site should be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship, or as the provision of legal advice.



You may use the following form to contact us or you may use the chat button in the lower corner.  We will respond as soon as we are able.  Please do not disclose any confidential information in your message.

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