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Franchise Registration in Iowa.  There is no state franchise registration required in Iowa.


Business Opportunity Exemption Registration in Iowa.  There is an exemption under Iowa business opportunity law for franchises that comply with the FTC Franchise Rule.  This exemption is automatically effective and does not require any filing.  Iowa Code Section 551A.4.


Franchise Disclosure in Iowa.  Iowa has no state franchise disclosure laws.  So, there are no special state disclosures required in an FDD used in Iowa.


Franchise Relationship Law in Iowa.  Iowa franchise relationship laws govern jurisdiction, waivers, transfers, encroachment, termination, non-renewal, sources of goods and services, free association, good faith and choice of law.  Iowa Code Section 537A.10


Please see important information about US federal and state franchise laws here.


We work with start-up and existing franchisors throughout the United States (and internationally).  We would be delighted to discuss Iowa franchise law with you.  Please contact us for a free initial consultation about your particular situation.


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